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Whisky Flash Blog - The Singleton

Whisky Flash Blog - The Singleton


The Singleton of Dufftown - Malt Master's Selection

I had heard of The Singleton in passing, but didn’t know much about it which is why I leapt at the opportunity to join The Whisky Wire’s awesome Whisky Flash Blog initiative. It’s a fantastic way of not only exploring and appreciating a different product, but of interacting and sharing the enthusiasm with others. I always find it fascinating and beneficial discussing my tasting notes with other people as our palates are so subjective that we will continuously ascertain different aromas and flavours, which in turn challenges ourselves to search for these nuances and view products from a different perspective.

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The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection is a 40% ABV no-age-statement single malt whisky. Released in May 2018, it joins Diageo Reserve’s portfolio at the time of the core range’s revamp. It has been created with the aim of being a delicate, slightly sweeter style than the classic Speyside used in The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old, with a view to appealing to new drinkers and connoisseurs alike.


“This isn’t supposed to be patronising – it’s supposed to be welcoming and engaging.”
– Ervin Trykowski, global Scotch whisky ambassador at Diageo.

Distillation occurs in Speyside at Dufftown Distillery, where whisky has been lovingly crafted for over 120 years. The Singleton’s master of malts, Craig Wilson, has painstakingly hand-selected and blended the whisky with the brand acknowledging this by featuring his signature prominently on the label.

The Malt Master’s Selection has been aged in a combination European and American oak. Ex-Sherry and ex-Bourbon barrels have been utilised with a high percentage of refill casks to allow the distillery’s unique character to continue shining through.

Diageo have worked hard to create a bottle and label which balance the tricky line between traditional and modern styles. The distinctive coloured bottle has been inspired by 19th century hipflasks and was blown using blue glass. In contrast, the label design has been simplified in an attempt to attract new consumers. Alongside Wilson’s signature, the bottle also features a batch number and tasting notes.

Tasting Note – 40%
Richly golden – deeper than expected.

Aromas: Bright, gentle and enticing. Apricot kernel and nutty tones with distinct citrus peel and warmth of soft wood. A rich undertone of red berries. A tiny bit of alcohol coming in to play. Delicate apple peel and toasted vanilla with a nuanced lifted marine note developing over the top. So complex and giving. Contemplative.

Palate: Succulent, juicy acidity and a soft texture with a tiny bite of alcohol. Round raisins and pear. A softer, more integrated palate rather than individual flavours layering. Ripe orange peel and nutmeg over a touch of menthol on the finish.

I’ve really enjoyed learning more about The Singleton and discovering such a complex, layered product. Definitely one to recommend to friends and family! Huge thanks to @TheWhiskyWire for organising this!

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