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Real Remedies - Chakra Tea

Real Remedies - Chakra Tea


I first heard about Real Remedies when they exhibited at The Mindful Drinking Festival last summer. There was an honesty and exuberant passion which really endeared me to the brand and its concept.

I’ve been meaning to write about Real Remedies for a while, but couldn’t quite determine which angle to approach the discussion from. As it is, I’ve decided the best way is to simply explain the idea behind this tea company, lay out the topic and let you come to your own conclusions.

Real Remedies is a company producing blends of tea which are intended to aid our bodies in specific ways. They focus on the seven Chakras and have created blends to enhance and open each area of our mind and body.

I’ve been going to yoga classes for the past two and a half years and love learning the practice’s history and all the different aspects which can be incorporated. I have heard of the seven Chakras, but they’re not something I’m familiar with.

I love researching plants and botanicals, discovering their forgotten meanings and what ailments people used to associate them with. Real Remedies are combining their botanical knowledge with practical applications.

Real Remedies has been established by husband and wife team, James and Vanessa Jacoby – both of whom were so lovely when I met them. James’ background is as a personal trainer and holistic coach, whilst Vanessa spent many years working in the city in corporate banking.

It was an experience Vanessa has which led to the creation of Real Remedies. She had always sought balance with her busy work life by doing yoga and meditation, when one evening after a class, her teacher placed a singing bowl on her chest. The vibrations coursed through her and resonated across her whole life.


It became apparent that she couldn’t continue working within the fast-paced, stressful business world. Together, she and James realised there was a gap in the market with people looking to the healing nature of plants. They sourced and researched over 100 herbs, flowers and roots.

Shortly after James and Vanessa had begun their journey, they met Laura and Lucy. Both are trained in herbal medicine and recognised the potential of the company. Laura became their Chief Blender.

The Real Remedies team came together to create ethical and sustainable products which encourage people to reflect and gain empowerment.

The teabags are sealed using ultra-sonic waves, meaning they don’t contain any plastic and are 100% biodegradable.

To understand the reason each blend was created we need to look at the seven Chakras. Whether you believe in their existence or their power, the logic behind each blend is detailed below – I’ve kept everything incredibly basic:


The Root Chakra
Associated With:
Security, safety and the foundation of our lives.
Imbalances Can Cause: Negativity, Insecurity and living in survival mode.
Tea Blend
Cinnamon – an anti-oxidant which lowers blood sugar and stimulates circulation.
Poppy petals - a relaxant and mild anaesthetic which aid in the healing of the respiratory system.
Elderberries & Strawberries – full of vitamin C and flavonoids, these berries boost the immune system, whilst also easing arthritis and improving eye health.
Burdock Root
Angelica Root
Red Clover

The Sacral Chakra
Associated With:
Relationships, creativity and emotion.
Imbalances Can Cause: Dependency, over-indulgence or lack of satisfaction.
Tea Blend
Saffron – revered for its aphrodisiac and analgesic properties.
Orange Blossom – good for your skin, eyes and general health.
Orange Peel – aids digestion.
Calendula Petals

The Solar Chakra
Associated With:
Responsibility, decision-making and independence.
Imbalances Can Cause: Excessive control, helplessness and seeing things as either positive or negative without realising the whole picture.
Tea Blend
Lemon Balm – a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral plant which boosts alertness and reduces anxiety.
Lemongrass – helps to cleanse the body, calms the nervous system and reduces fevers.
Lemon Peel – boosts your metabolism and aids digestion.
Pineapple – has anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.
Ginger – relieves nausea, aids stomach health and eases sore muscles. It is also beneficial for brain function.
Bay Leaves – reduce stress hormones and ease stomach pains and inflammation.
Chrysanthemum – boosts the immune system and cools the body.
Sunflower Petals

The Heart Chakra
Associated With:
Compassion, acceptance and transformation.
Imbalances Can Cause: Jealousy, needing approval and isolation.
Tea Blend
Lemon Verbena – strengthens the immune system and is high in
Apples – reduce cholesterol and prevent common colds and flu.
Jasmine Flowers – promote calm and ease stress.
Vanilla – eases anxiety and regulates blood pressure.
Fennel – reduce water retention and blood pressure whilst aiding digestion.
Marshmallow – reduces swelling of the respiratory system and headaches.


The Throat Chakra
Associated With: Communication, intuition and productivity.
Imbalances Can Cause: Fear of speaking, not listening to others and secretiveness.
Tea Blend
Cloves – contain anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anaesthetic and soothing qualities.
Echinacea – relieves stomach discomfort and enables you to breathe more easily.
Liquorice – lifts the mood, relieves sore throats and eases digestion. Fights against viruses, coughs and colds.
Blue Cornflowers – eases fever and congestion whilst relieving anxiety. Also contains biotin which promote healthy nails and smooth skin.
Meadowsweet – reduces fever and soothes the throat and sinuses.
Mulberries – stimulates the immune system and is beneficial to eye health
Blueberries – contain anti-oxidants.

The Third Eye Chakra
Associated With: Perception, wisdom and inspiration.
Imbalances Can Cause: Lack of clarity, fantasies appearing more real than reality and not being able to see the bigger picture.
Tea Blend
Orange Peel – prevents colds and stimulates the nervous system.
Caraway – contains iron and zinc and aids digestion.
Blue Mallow Flowers – Anti-inflammatory and eases throat and respiratory complaints.
Marshmallow – cures insomnia and headaches.
Sour Cherries – contain anthocyanins which improve memory.
Eyebright Leaf – promotes eye health, memory and healthy skin.
Star Anise – boosts the immune system, calms nerves and aids sleep.
Cocoa Shells
Black Peppercorns
Chilli Flakes


The Crown Chakra
Associated With: Consciousness, liberation and presence.
Imbalances Can Cause: Feeling disconnected, cynicism, and closed-mindedness.
Tea Blend
Blackberries – improve brain function
Heather – traditionally used as a mild sedative
Hyssop – anti-septic, calms the nervous system.
Lavender, Rosemary and Vervain – all lift the mood, improve memory and relieve stress.
Nutmeg – aids sleep and memory.
Rose Petals – a natural aphrodisiac.

My Conclusion
I’m not expecting you to believe whole-heartedly in all of the above, but to consider how we’ve associated different herbs and spices with various ailments and illnesses for millennia.

Folklore and ancient traditions are only just beginning to be understood by our modern medicinal and scientific methods, but there is truth in all of them, even if it may be as a placebo.

I really enjoy discovering which botanicals suit certain occasions and which naturally work well together. I haven’t yet focused on working with the Chakras in my yoga practice, but I genuinely believe you feel the benefits when you drink these teas.

If you take all of the above out of the equation, you’re still left with a range of teas which have been carefully blended so the botanicals complement each other, are good for you due to their many anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties and which taste delicious.

Real Remedies also produce a range of non-alcoholic spirits and tonics.

I’m thrilled we’re now paying more attention to mindfulness in general and look forward to seeing how Real Remedies evolves and develops in the future.

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