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Luscombe Drinks - Tonic Water

Luscombe Drinks - Tonic Water


Luscombe Drinks is one of the latest companies to add tonic water to their portfolio.

Created using their local Devon spring water, the three variants were launched in May 2017. They are designed to support and enhance the gin, (or other spirit) they’re mixed with whilst also being flavourful enough to enjoy on their own.

The three expressions released are: Devon Tonic Water, Elderflower Tonic Water and Grapefruit Tonic Water.

The traditional Devon Tonic Water is gently flavoured with Japanese yuzu, a rare citrus fruit which contains three times the amount of Vitamin C compared to a lemon. Yuzu is becoming increasingly popular as a tonic water flavouring.

The elderflowers for the second product are sourced from wild English hedgerows and the grapefruit is an extract.

Interestingly, the team at Luscombe have also increased the level of carbonation in their tonic waters, compared to many other brands. They say this helps to maximise the flavours of the spirit.

Tasting Note – Devon Tonic Water
Bright lifted citrus and a gentle berry tone.

Palate: A lovely effervescent texture with a hint of citrus sweetness. Smooth and soft – the quinine isn’t harsh, but has enough to stand up.

Tasting Note – Elderflower
Bright distinct fresh authentic elderflower with a touch of lemony citrus in the background.

Palate: A good weight. A lovely balance of depth, effervescence and gentle elderflower. Not as forward as on the nose. Soft and gently sweet.

Tasting Note – Grapefruit
Aromas: Bright, zappy, crisp. Fresh zingy pink peel.

Palate: A lovely rich, soft texture. Not hugely powerful on the palate. Gentle peel and sweetness with vibrant citrus acidity on the finish.

I’m incredibly impressed with Luscombe Drinks’ range of tonic waters. They’re fresh, vibrant and authentic. I love drinking them as soft drinks, but they have fantastic effervescence and structure which allows them to hold their own when mixed.

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